Ionic 3.2.0 发布,,HTML5 移动应用框架

Ionic 3.2.0 发布了,Ionic Framework 是一个高级的 HTML5 移动端应用框架,也是一个很漂亮的使用 HTML5 开发混合移动应用的前端框架。本次更新内容如下:


Bug 修复:

  • button: display box shadow correctly for Chrome (cbe0b42)

  • datetime: Fix floating label with empty ion-datetime (#11552) (5a895bb), closes #11547

  • label: add the $label-ios-text-color sass variables back (588fad8), closes #11373

  • module-loader: null references (2afc5cf)

  • navcontrollerbase: popToRoot should not remove root view (646d736)

  • rtl: add correct text-align (#11353) (424b15a)

  • rtl: change item reorder offset for RTL (#11395) (665e44f)

  • select: firing events properly in popover interface (59dd853)

  • tap-click: updates setupTapClick signature (df8d1cc)

  • view-controller: _dismissRole is a string (6d11499)

  • virtual-list: virtualTrackBy reference (de19dbe)

  • virtual-scroll: remove duplicate items (f893aa6)

  • VirtualScroll: initialise differ with trackByFn (#11492) (299a68b)


  • item: deprecate item-left / item-right attributes for item-start / item-end (#11125) (26c653e)

  • select: close select programatically (a04b577)

  • wk: built-in support for WK (#11048) (325cc5e)


  • virtual-list: relaxed restrictions for fast path (88e5642)

  • virtual-scroll: fast path for removing (8baa647)



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Ionic 3.2.0 发布,,HTML5 移动应用框架