Jenkins 2.60 发布,可扩展的持续集成引擎

Jenkins 2.60 发布了,Jenkins 是一个可扩展的持续集成引擎,本次更新如下:

  • Update to Windows Service Wrapper 2.1.0 to support new features: download command with authentication, flag for startup failure on download error, Delayed Automatic Start mode. (issue 43737)

  • Windows services: Add system property that allows disabling WinSW automatic upgrade on agents. (issue 43603, more information)

  • Windows services: Restore compatibility of the WindowsSlaveInstaller#generateSlaveXml() method (regression in 2.50, no known external usages). (issue 42745)

  • Windows services: Prevent fatal file descriptor leak when agent service installer fails to read data from the service startup.log. (issue 43930)

  • Use full display name for runs in RSS feed to restore the project name there (regression in 2.59). (issue 44117)

  • Internal: Generalize the changelog API to support non-AbstractBuild run types. (issue 24141)

更多内容请查看 Changelog


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Jenkins 2.60 发布,可扩展的持续集成引擎