Vivaldi 1.10.834.9 发布,可对下载进行排序

Vivaldi 1.10.834.9 发布了。Vivaldi 是一款独特的基于现代 Web 技术构建的浏览器。使用 JavaScript 和 React 并在 Node.js 和一系列 NPM 模块的帮助下创建了用户界面。Vivaldi 是采用 Web 构建的 Web 浏览器。新版本中有以下值得关注的新特性:

  • 下载排序

  • 桌面壁纸作为起始页背景

OS wallpaper as background image in Vivaldi


  • [New][Windows] Desktop wallpaper can be used as Start Page background image (VB-24904)

  • [New][Downloads] Implement sorting for Downloads (VB-27902)

  • [Downloads] Progress bar does now show up when restarting (VB-27967)

  • [Regression][Mac] Certificate error page doesn’t allow links to be clicked (VB-27701)

  • [Address Field] The single quote character displayed as HTML code in the search suggestions (VB-27576)

  • [Address Field] Focus not in URL field on speed dial when closing tab (VB-28080)

  • [Address Field] Wrong text selection behavior in URL field after pressing Shift+End (VB-27524)

  • [Developer Tools] Crash in opening Developer Tools in incognito window (VB-27971)

  • [Notes][IME]Unpredictable Japanese IME behavior when typing (VB-24142)

  • [Notes]Redundant character in “Insert Note” menu when a note contains empty first line VB-27986

  • [Speed Dial] Start page has wrong dimension when tiled VB-27696

  • Clicking on SD does not dismiss URL dropdown VB-28104

  • Upgraded to Chromium branch 58 (3029)


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Vivaldi 1.10.834.9 发布,可对下载进行排序