phoenix 1.3.0-rc.2, 1.2.4 和 1.1.9 发布,Web 开发框架

phoenix 1.3.0-rc.2,1.2.4 和 1.1.9 发布了,Phoenix 是函数式编程语言 Elixir 的 Web 开发框架。

1.3.0-rc.2 更新如下:

  • Enhancements

  • [Generator] Add new,, project generators with improved application structure and support for umbrella applications

  • [Generator] Add new phx.gen.html and phx.gen.json resource generators with improved isolation of API boundaries

  • [Controller] Add current_path and current_url to generate a connection's path and url

  • [Controller] Introduce action_fallback to registers a plug to call as a fallback to the controller action

  • [Controller] Wrap exceptions at controller to maintain connection state

  • [Channel] Add ability to configure channel event logging with :log_join and :log_handle_in options

  • [Channel] Warn on unhandled handle_info/2 messages

  • [Channel] Channels now distinguish from graceful exits and application restarts, allowing clients to enter error mode and reconnected after cold deploys.

  • [Router] Document match support for matching on any HTTP method with the special :* argument

  • [Router] Populate conn.path_params with path parameters for the route

  • [ConnTest] Add redirected_params/1 to return the named params matched in the router for the redirected URL

  • [Digester] Add mix phx.digest.clean to remove old versions of compiled assets

  • [] Add Erlang 20 support in installer archive

Big Fixes

  • [Controller] Harden local redirect against arbitrary URL redirection

  • [Controller] Fix issue causing flash session to remain when using clear_flash/1


  • [Generator] All phoenix.* mix tasks have been deprecated in favor of new phx.* tasks

JavaScript client enhancements

  • Add ability to pass encode and decode functions to socket constructor for custom encoding and decoding of outgoing and incoming messages.

  • Detect heartbeat timeouts on client to handle ungraceful connection loss for faster socket error detection

  • Add support for AMD/RequireJS







phoenix 1.3.0-rc.2, 1.2.4 和 1.1.9 发布,Web 开发框架