Apache OpenNLP 1.8.0 发布,自然语言处理工具

Apache OpenNLP 1.8.0 发布了,OpenNLP 是一个机器学习工具包,用于处理自然语言文本。支持大多数常用的 NLP 任务,例如:标识化、句子切分、部分词性标注、名称抽取、组块、解析等。

此版本带来了许多新功能、改进和错误修复。API 已经得到改进以获得更好的一致性,并且删除了许多不被赞同的方法。


  • POS Tagger context generator now supports feature generation XML

  • Add a Name Finder feature generator that adds POS Tag features

  • Add CONLL-U format support

  • Improve default Name Finder settings

  • TokenNameFinderEvaluator CLI now support nameTypes argument

  • Stupid backoff is now the default in NGramLanguageModel

  • Language codes now are ISO 639-3 compliant

  • Add many unit tests

  • Distribution package now includes example parameters file

  • Now prefix and suffix feature generators are configurable

  • Remove API in Document Categorizer for user specified tokenizer

  • Learnable lemmatizer now returns all possible lemmas for a given word and pos tag

  • Lemmatizer API backward compatibility break: no need to encode/decode lemmas anymore, now LemmatizerME lemmatize method returns the actual lemma

  • Add stemmer, detokenizer and sentence detection abbreviations for Irish

  • Chunker SequenceValidator signature changed to allow access to both token and POS tag



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Apache OpenNLP 1.8.0 发布,自然语言处理工具