Apache Commons Text 1.1,处理字符串的算法库

Apache Commons Text 1.1 正式发布了,该项目提供了大量专注于处理字符串和文本块的算法。

值得关注的是,该版本已支持 Java 9。其他更新内容:


  • TEXT-41: WordUtils.abbreviate support Thanks to Amey Jadiye.

  • TEXT-82: Putting WordUtils back in to the codebase Thanks to Amey Jadiye.

  • TEXT-81: Add RandomStringGenerator Thanks to djones.

  • TEXT-36: RandomStringGenerator: allow users to provide source of randomness

Bug 修复

  • TEXT-76: Correct round issue in Jaro Winkler implementation

  • TEXT-72: Similar to LANG-1025, clirr fails site build.


  • TEXT-39: WordUtils should use toXxxxCase(int) rather than toXxxxCase(char)



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Apache Commons Text 1.1,处理字符串的算法库