HikariCP 2.6.2 发布,高性能 JDBC 连接池组件

HikariCP 2.6.2 发布了,HikariCP 是一个高性能的 JDBC 连接池组件。



Changes in 2.6.2

  • issue 890 add support for Prometheus metrics and multiple HikariCP pools.

  • issue 880 fix race condition caused by sorting collection while the condition of sort can change.

  • issue 876 add support for using a Prometheus CollectorRegistry other than the default one.

  • issue 867 support network timeout even for Connection.isValid().

  • issue 866 mark commit state dirty when Connection.getMetaData() is called.



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HikariCP 2.6.2 发布,高性能 JDBC 连接池组件