GitLab Patch 9.2.2,代码托管平台

GitLab Patch 9.2.2 发布了,该版本解决了本月的 9.2 版本中的一些回归和错误。详细如下:

  • CE/EE: Improve merge request widget state calculation (!11668)

  • CE/EE: Fix right-sidebar gap on mobile (!11625)

  • CE/EE: Fix pipeline ETag (!11615)

  • CE/EE: Prevent errors from non-functional notify_post_receive endpoint (!11509)

  • CE/EE: Read HEAD commit and use it as sentry "releases" value (!11565)

  • CE/EE: Use refresh icon for retried jobs (!11667)

  • CE/EE: Make all notes use equal padding (!11616)

  • CE/EE: Fix ambiguous routing issues by teaching router about reserved words (!11570)

  • CE/EE: Show loading indicator while waiting for assignees first fetch (!11434)

  • EE: Fix return value when Geo nodes are not in sync (!1969)

  • EE: Fixed positioning of milestone dropdown in create board dropdown (!1972)

  • Omnibus: Fix cron worker being set to "" when no value was provided (!1580)



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GitLab Patch 9.2.2,代码托管平台