IPython 5.4.0 和 6.1.0 发布,Python 命令行交互

IPython 5.4.0 和 6.1.0 发布了,有如下更新:


  • IPython 5.4-LTS 支持在 IPython 6.0 和 6.1 中创建的大部分新的暴露的 API 添加,并避免根据 IPython 的版本编写条件逻辑。更多更新内容点此查看


  • Quotes in a filename are always escaped during tab-completion on non-Windows. PR #10069

  • Variables now shadow magics in autocompletion. See #4877 and PR #10542.

  • Added the ability to add parameters to alias_magic. For example:

    In [2]: %alias_magic hist history --params "-l 2" --line
    Created `%hist` as an alias for `%history -l 2`.
    In [3]: hist
    %alias_magic hist history --params "-l 30" --line
    %alias_magic hist history --params "-l 2" --line

    Previously it was only possible to have an alias attached to a single function, and you would have to pass in the given parameters every time:

    In [4]: %alias_magic hist history --line
    Created `%hist` as an alias for `%history`.
    In [5]: hist -l 2
    %alias_magic hist history --line
  • To suppress log state messages, you can now either use %logstart -q, pass--LoggingMagics.quiet=True on the command line, or set c.LoggingMagics.quiet=True in your configuration file.

  • An additional flag --TerminalInteractiveShell.term_title_format is introduced to allow the user to control the format of the terminal title. It is specified as a python format string, and currently the only variable it will format is cwd.

  • ??/%pinfo2 will now show object docstrings if the source can’t be retrieved. PR #10532

  • IPython.display has gained a %markdown cell magic. PR #10563

  • %config options can now be tab completed. PR #10555

  • %config with no arguments are now unique and sorted. PR #10548

  • Completion on keyword arguments does not duplicate = sign if already present. PR #10547

  • %run -m <module> now <module> passes extra arguments to <module>. PR #10546

  • completer now understand “snake case auto complete”: if foo_bar_kittens is a valid completion, I can type f_b<tab> will complete to it. PR #10537

  • tracebacks are better standardized and will compress /path/to/home to ~. PR #10515


IPython 是 Python 的原生交互式 shell 的增强版,可以完成许多不同寻常的任务,比如帮助实现并行化计算;主要使用它提供的交互性帮助,比如代码着色、改进了的命令行回调、制表符完成、宏功能以及改进了的交互式帮助。


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IPython 5.4.0 和 6.1.0 发布,Python 命令行交互