Sentry 8.17.0 发布,Python 实时日志平台

Sentry 8.17.0 发布了,Sentry 是一个实时的事件日志和聚合平台,基于 Django 构建。

Sentry 可以帮助你将 Python 程序的所有 exception 自动记录下来,然后在一个好用的 UI 上呈现和搜索。处理 exception 是每个程序的必要部分,所以 Sentry 也几乎可以说是所有项目的必备组件。


  • Added @mentions to comments

  • Initial (internal) analytics abstraction.

  • Turned on reprocessing by default

  • Added basics for Data Forwarding integrations.

  • Changed the grouping and default in_app values for cocoa events.

  • Removed global dsym support.

  • Removed support for legacy apple report format.

  • The threads interface now contributes to grouping if it contains a single thread.

  • Added per-key (DSN) rate limits (project:rate-limits feature).

  • Added tsdb statistics for events per-key.

  • Added sentry.deletions abstraction to improve bulk deletions.

  • Added basic workspace for Visual Studio Code.

  • Added hovercards for Issue IDs in activity entries.

  • Added event count options to ignore.

  • Added user frequency options to ignore.

Schema Changes

  • Dropped GroupTagValue.group_id foreign key constraint

  • Dropped GroupTagValue.project_id foreign key constraint

  • Added Deploy.notified column

  • Added index on EventTag.date_added

  • Added unique index on Environment(organization_id, name)

  • Added unique index on ReleaseEnvironment(organization_id, release_id, environment_id)

  • Added column

  • Added UserReport.event_user_id column


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Sentry 8.17.0 发布,Python 实时日志平台