jsoup 1.10.3 发布,Java 的 HTML 解析器

jsoup 1.10.3 发布了,该版本带来了更好的 CSS 选择器性能,Jsoup.Connection 改进和其他 bug 修复。



  • Added Elements.eachText() and Elements.eachAttr(), which return a list of an Element's text or attribute values, respectively. This makes it simpler to for example get a list of each URL on a page: List<String> urls = doc.select("a").eachAttr("abs:href"");

  • Improved selector validation for :contains(...) with unbalanced quotes.

  • Improved the speed of index based CSS selectors and other methods that use elementSiblingIndex, by a factor of 34x.

  • Added Node.clearAttributes(), to simplify removing of all attributes of a Node / Element.


  • Bugfix: if an attribute name started or ended with a control character, the parse would fail with a validation exception.

  • Bugfix: Element.hasClass() and the .classname selector would not find the class attribute case-insensitively.

  • Bugfix: In Jsoup.Connection, if a redirect contained a query string with %xxescapes, they would be double escaped before the redirect was followed, leading to fetching an incorrect location.

  • Bugfix: In Jsoup.Connection, if a request body was set and the connection was redirected, the body would incorrectly still be sent.

  • Bugfix: In DataUtil when detecting the character set from meta data, and there are two Content-Types defined, use the one that defines a character set.

  • Bugfix: when parsing unknown tags in case-sensitive HTML mode, end tags would not close scope correctly.

  • In Jsoup.Connection, ensure there is no Content-Type set when being redirected to a GET.

  • Bugfix: in certain locales (Turkish specifically), lowercasing and case insensitivity could fail for specific items.


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jsoup 1.10.3 发布,Java 的 HTML 解析器