Fastlane 2.38 发布,首次支持 Xcode 9

Fastlane 2.38 发布了,该版本新增了 Xcode 9 和新的 iTC 支持,并带来了许多其他改进。

  • Add support for Xcode 9 by automatically using the right profile for each bundle identifier

  • Add support for enabling/disabling phased release

  • iOS 11 Subtitle iTunes Connect support

  • Update app only if we uploaded a new icon

  • [gym] Fix not using default export method if custom export_options without export_method are provided

  • [match] Add improved error message on match failure when branch is specified

  • #6875 deliver: also use –force as a way to overwrite metadata

  • LanguageItem keys might be under localeCode too

  • Fix headline of "Promotional Text" in summary

  • Update app ratings examples

  • Fix Issue 9402: import cert fails if given a password with special chars

  • [supply] Add check_superseded_tracks option

2017.6.13 10:00更新:Fastlane 发布了 2.38.1 紧急修复版本

  • Revert "[supply] Add check_superseded_tracks option


Fastlane 是一个针对于 iOS 和 Android(后来才支持的)全方位自动化流程的工具。利用目前支持的工具可以做所有包含自动化和可持续化构建的每个环节,比如单元测试、截图、分发渠道、上传元数据和 ipa 包提交审核等等。


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Fastlane 2.38 发布,首次支持 Xcode 9