Infinispan 9.1.0.Beta1 发布,分布式集群缓存系统

Infinispan 9.1.0.beta1 发布了。Infinispan 是个开源的数据网格平台。它公开了一个简单的数据结构(一个Cache)来存储对象。虽然可以在本地模式下运行Infinspan,但其真正的价值在于分布式,在这种模式下,Infinispan可以将集群缓存起来并公开大容量的堆内存。


  • [ISPN-7114] Consistency Checker, Conflict Resolution and Automatic merge policies

  • [ISPN-5218] Batching for CacheStores

  • [ISPN-7896] On-demand data conversion in caches

  • [ISPN-6676] HTTP/2 suport in the REST endpoint with TLS/ALPN upgrade

  • [ISPN-7841] Add stream operations that can operate upon data exclusively

  • [ISPN-7868] Add encryption and authentication support to the Remote Store

  • [ISPN-7772] Hot Rod Client create/remove cache operations

  • [ISPN-6994] Add an AdvancedCache.withSubject(Subject) method for explicit impersonation

  • [ISPN-7803] Functional commands-based AtomicMaps

  • The usual slew of bug fixes, clean ups and general improvements.


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Infinispan 9.1.0.Beta1 发布,分布式集群缓存系统