libgit2 v0.26.0 发布,Git 核心开发包

Git 核心开发包 libgit2 v0.26.0 发布了。libgit2 是一个可移植、纯 C 语言实现的 Git 核心开发包,你可以使用它来编写自定义的 Git 应用。这是 v0.26系列“Aufschub”的第一个版本。更新日志如下:

  • Support for opening, creating and modifying worktrees.

  • We can now detect SHA1 collisions resulting from the SHAttered attack. These
    checks can be enabled at build time via -DUSE_SHA1DC.

  • Fix for missing implementation of git_merge_driver_source getters.

  • Fix for installed pkg-config file being broken when the prefix contains

  • We now detect when the hashsum of on-disk objects does not match their
    expected hashsum.

  • We now support open-ended ranges (e.g. "master..", "…master") in our
    revision range parsing code.

  • We now correctly compute ignores with leading "/" in subdirectories.

  • We now optionally call fsync on loose objects, packfiles and their indexes,
    loose references and packed reference files.

  • ……



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libgit2 v0.26.0 发布,Git 核心开发包