Apache Kafka 发布,分布式消息发布订阅系统

Apache Kafka 发布了。kafka 是一种高吞吐量的分布式发布订阅消息系统。

New Feature

  • [KAFKA-3487] – KIP-146: Support per-connector/per-task classloaders in Connect

  • [KAFKA-4208] – Add Record Headers

  • [KAFKA-4586] – Add purgeDataBefore() API in AdminClient

  • [KAFKA-4720] – Add KStream.peek(ForeachAction


  • [KAFKA-4743] – Add a tool to Reset Consumer Group Offsets

  • [KAFKA-4881] – Add internal leave.group.on.close config to consumer

  • [KAFKA-4923] – Add Exactly-Once Semantics to Streams

  • [KAFKA-5059] – Implement Transactional Coordinator

  • [KAFKA-5192] – Range Scan for Windowed State Stores


  • [KAFKA-1449] – Extend wire protocol to allow CRC32C

  • [KAFKA-2358] – Cluster collection returning methods should never return null

  • [KAFKA-2955] – Add Prompt to kafka-console-producer

  • [KAFKA-3714] – Allow users greater access to register custom streams metrics

  • [KAFKA-3878] – Exponential backoff for broker reconnect attempts (KIP-144)

  • [KAFKA-3989] – Add JMH module for Benchmarks

  • [KAFKA-3995] – Split the ProducerBatch and resend when received RecordTooLargeException

  • [KAFKA-4144] – Allow per stream/table timestamp extractor

  • [KAFKA-4195] – support throttling on request rate

  • [KAFKA-4266] – Replication Quota Tests: Ensure ZK updated before tests start

  • [KAFKA-4276] – REST configuration not visible in connector properties config files

  • [KAFKA-4291] – TopicCommand –describe shows topics marked for deletion as under-replicated and unavailable (KIP-137)

  • [KAFKA-4317] – RocksDB checkpoint files lost on kill -9

  • [KAFKA-4613] – Treat null-key records the same way for joins and aggreations

  • [KAFKA-4636] – Per listener security setting overrides (KIP-103)

  • [KAFKA-4684] – Kafka does not offer kafka-configs.bat on Windows box

  • [KAFKA-4702] – Parametrize streams benchmarks to run at scale

  • [KAFKA-4709] – Error message from Struct.validate() should include the name of the offending field.

  • [KAFKA-4722] – Add application.id to StreamThread name

  • [KAFKA-4733] – Improve Streams Reset Tool console output

  • [KAFKA-4769] – Add Float serializer, deserializer, serde

  • [KAFKA-4772] – Exploit #peek to implement #print() and other methods

  • [KAFKA-4773] – The Kafka build should run findbugs

  • [KAFKA-4774] – Inner classes which don't need a reference to the outer class should be static

  • [KAFKA-4775] – Fix findbugs warnings in kafka-tools

  • [KAFKA-4839] – throw NoOffsetForPartitionException once for all assigned partitions from poll

  • [KAFKA-4843] – Stream round-robin scheduler is inneficient

  • [KAFKA-4922] – Fix several FindBugs warnings in Clients and Connect

  • [KAFKA-4943] – SCRAM secret's should be better protected with Zookeeper ACLs

  • [KAFKA-4965] – set internal.leave.group.on.close to false in KafkaStreams

  • [KAFKA-4982] – Add listener tag to socket-server-metrics.connection-… metrics (KIP-136)

  • [KAFKA-5036] – Followups from KIP-101

  • [KAFKA-5052] – We shouldn't pass the underlying exception to RetriableCommitFailedException when an async offset commit fails.

  • [KAFKA-5068] – Optionally print out metrics after running the perf tests

  • [KAFKA-5091] – ReassignPartitionsCommand should protect against empty replica list assignment

  • [KAFKA-5094] – Censor SCRAM config change logging

  • [KAFKA-5104] – DumpLogSegments should not open index files with `rw`

  • [KAFKA-5108] – Add support for reading PID snapshot files to DumpLogSegments

  • [KAFKA-5111] – Improve internal Task APIs

  • [KAFKA-5112] – Trunk compatibility tests should test against 0.10.2

  • [KAFKA-5118] – Improve message for Kafka failed startup with non-Kafka data in data.dirs

  • [KAFKA-5137] – Controlled shutdown timeout message improvement

  • [KAFKA-5161] – reassign-partitions to check if broker of ID exists in cluster

  • [KAFKA-5166] – Add option "dry run" to Streams application reset tool

  • [KAFKA-5176] – AdminClient: add controller and clusterId methods to DescribeClusterResults

  • [KAFKA-5194] – KIP-153: Include only client traffic in BytesOutPerSec metric

  • [KAFKA-5210] – Application Reset Tool does not need to seek for internal topics

  • [KAFKA-5218] – New Short serializer, deserializer, serde

  • [KAFKA-5257] – Change Default unclean.leader.election.enabled from True to False

  • [KAFKA-5277] – Sticky Assignor should not cache the calculated assignment (KIP-54 follow-up)

  • [KAFKA-5311] – Support ExtendedDeserializer in Kafka Streams

  • [KAFKA-5333] – Remove Broker ACL resource type

  • [KAFKA-5405] – Request log should log throttle time

  • [KAFKA-5411] – Generate javadoc for AdminClient and show configs in documentation

  • [KAFKA-5446] – Annoying braces showed on log.error using streams



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Apache Kafka 发布,分布式消息发布订阅系统