GitLab 9.3.2 发布,代码托管平台

GitLab 9.3.2 已发布,该版本修复了 9.3.1 版本中的一些回归和错误。详细如下:

  • CE/EE: Resolve "Submitting reply to existing diff discussion using Cmd/Ctrl+Enter submits twice and refreshes page" (!12352)

  • CE/EE: Resolve "Unable to access edit comment from dropdown menu in certain screen sizes" (!12421)

  • CE/EE: Revert "Annotate" to "Blame" (!12401)

  • CE/EE: Fix optional arguments for POST :id/variables (!12474)

  • CE/EE: Fixes problem with the Action Buttons on a Label Item Line (!12473)

  • CE/EE: Fix application error when Project#last_activity_at is nil (!12443)

  • CE/EE: Truncate long job names in environment view; wrap author to next line (!12455)

  • CE/EE: Bump premailer-rails gem to 1.9.7 and its dependencies to prevent network retrieval of assets (!12456)

  • CE/EE: Fix bug where Service created_at time was used instead of deployment time. (!12395)

  • CE/EE: Update mmap2 gem to fix missing symbol error that happens on some installations from source (!12492)

  • EE: Fix gitlab:check Rake task when Elasticsearch used (!2278)

  • EE: Resolve "LDAP group link select dropdown error" (!2277)

  • Omnibus: Update gitlab-monitor to 1.8.0 (!1685)



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GitLab 9.3.2 发布,代码托管平台