Hibernate Validator 6.0.0.CR1 发布

Hibernate Validator 6.0.0.CR1 发布了。

Bug 修复

* HV-1403 – engine – Container class and type argument index information not present in case of implicit unwrapping

* HV-1381 – engine – Unwrapping should work if there is only one VE compatible with the type even if there are 2 type arguments

* HV-1377 – annotation-processor – StackOverflowError during compilation with annotation-processor enabled

* HV-1358 – engine – Class loading issue in modularized environment for value extractors loader by the service loader

* HV-1347 – documentation – Broken link in documentation: "Anatomy of Credit Card Numbers"


* HV-1402 – engine – Rename internal.engine.cascading package to internal.engine.valueextraction

* HV-1393 – documentation – Update schema coordinates in the documentation to use BV 2.0 schemas

* HV-1392 – annotation-processor – Annotation Processor should check that constraint payload does not contains both Unwrap and Skip at the same time

* HV-1378 – engine – Having both Unwrap and Skip in the payload should throw a ConstraintDeclarationException and not a ConstraintDefinitionException

* HV-1375 – engine – English javax.validation.constraints.NotNull.message not in line with the spec

* HV-1360 – tests – Various infelicities in container element constraints XML tests

* HV-1337 – tests – Test framework adjustments to improve consistency with the TCK



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Hibernate Validator 6.0.0.CR1 发布