Calibre 3.3 发布,开源电子书管理软件

Calibre 3.3 已发布。Calibre 是电子书管理软件,支持 Amazon、Apple、Bookeen、Ectaco、Endless Ideas、Google/HTC、Hanlin Song 设备及格式,功能十分强大。


  • Quickview panel: Allow opening and closing the panel via the Layout button in the bottom right corner.

  • Book details panel: Allow right clicking on author names to search for books by the author on Amazon.

  • Edit book: When doing a Replace/Count all with multiple searches add
    a 'Show details' button on the result dialog that shows the individual
    counts for each search.

  • Comments editor: Add a button to easily insert separators (i.e.

    tags) when editing comments



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Calibre 3.3 发布,开源电子书管理软件