Github Atom 1.19.0-beta3 发布,跨平台文本编辑器 

Github Atom 1.19.0-beta3 发布了。Atom 是 Github 专门为程序员推出的一个跨平台文本编辑器。具有简洁和直观的图形用户界面,并有很多有趣的特点:支持CSS,HTML,JavaScript等网页编程语言。它支持宏,自动完成分屏功能,集成了文件管理器。


  • Fixed a bug that prevented opening files with non-ascii characters in their names on windows (#14894).

  • Restored a class that was accidentally removed from decoration elements (#14941).

  • Restored attributes that were accidentally removed from line number elements (#14941).


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Github Atom 1.19.0-beta3 发布,跨平台文本编辑器