GitLab 9.3.5 发布,项目管理和代码托管平台

GitLab 9.3.5 发布了,解决了 9.3.4 版本中存在的一些问题,主要更新内容如下:

  • CE/EE: Resolve "More actions dropdown hidden by end of diff" (!12380)

  • CE/EE: Remove "Remove from board" button from backlog and closed list (!12430)

  • CE/EE: Fix a bug where an invalid sort param value was passed to Gitaly (!12534)

  • CE/EE: Set default for Remove source branch to false (!12576)

  • CE/EE: Do not delete protected branches when deleting all merged branches (!12624)

  • CE/EE: Document that GitLab 9.3 requires the TRIGGER permission on MySQL (!12573)

  • CE/EE: Prevent accidental deletion of protected MR source branch by repeating checks before actual deletion (!12574)

  • CE/EE: Rebuild the dynamic path before validating it (!12213)

  • CE/EE: Make clear that Go 1.8 is required since GitLab 9.2 (!12564)

  • CE/EE: Expire full_path cache after a repository is renamed/transferred (!12575)

  • CE/EE: Remove placeholder note when award emoji slash command is applied (!12545)

  • CE/EE: Update prometheus client gem (!12632)

  • EE: Make admin mirror application setting exclusive (!2307)

  • EE: Fix approvals request throwing 400 in IE 11 (!2306)

  • EE: Add more logging to repository mirror feature (!2292)

  • EE: Make Geo::RepositorySyncService force create a repo (!2316)

  • Omnibus: Update gitlab-monitor to 1.9.0 (omnibus-gitlab!1703)

  • Omnibus: Fix port not being passed to pg_basebackup in replicate-geo-database script (omnibus-gitlab!1697)


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GitLab 9.3.5 发布,项目管理和代码托管平台