OrientDB v2.2.23 发布,可伸缩的文档数据库

OrientDB v2.2.23 发布了,Orient DB 是一个可伸缩的文档数据库,支持 ACID 事务处理。更新内容如下:


  • Attempting to remove a non existing field from a class instead of
    throwing an OSchemaException exception like in 2.1 was dumping an entire
    stack trace to the logger as an ERROR. As a result in certain
    conditions logs were filled with unnecessary stack traces, and an ERROR
    event instead of a WARNING was produced. Now fixed – Internal Issue

  • A NPE was fixed – Internal Issue #8835

  • A NPE during database upgrade was fixed – Issue #7512

  • Under rare conditions, when -1 was being sent as record version,
    uniqueness constraint was violated and duplicates in the database could
    occur. Now fixed – Issue #7518



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OrientDB v2.2.23 发布,可伸缩的文档数据库