PostgreSQL 10 Beta 2 发布,Bug 修复

PostgreSQL 10 Beta 2 已发布,此版本包含 PostgreSQL 10 最终将提供的所有可用功能的预览,还包括对第一个 beta 版本中发现的许多问题的修复。

升级到 Beta2

  • 从 PostgreSQL 10 beta1 进行升级

  • 通过使用 pg_dump/pg_restore 或 pg_upgrade 从更早的版本进行升级

自 Beta 1 以来的变更

任何针对 9.6 或更早版本,且会影响 10 的错误修复程序都包含在 beta2 中。包括:

  • Fix memory leaks in new partitioning code

  • Don’t explicitly mark range partitioning columns as NOT NULL

  • Fix compilation with BSD authentication

  • Try next host after timeout in libpq with multiple hosts specified

  • Verify that the server constructed SCRAM none correctly

  • Fix table sync in logical replication for tables with columns in different order

  • Fix pg_dump:ing collations from pre-10 servers

  • Fix crash in BRIN index auto summarization

  • Generate pg_basebackup temporary slot name from backend pid, not client

  • Make ALTER SEQUENCE fully transactional

  • Allow COPY (query) TO to be parallelized

  • Fix ALTER SUBSCRIPTION grammar ambiguity

  • Don’t set application_name in logical replication workers

  • Allow query cancel of walsender backends

  • Prevent BEFORE triggers from violating partition constraints

  • Mark to_tsvector(regconfig, json[b]) functions as immutable

  • Apply RLS policies to partitioned tables

  • Add MSVC build system support for ICU and fix ICU support on Windows

  • Disallow set returning functions inside CASE or COALESCE

  • Teach PL/pgSQL about partitioned tables

  • Don’t downcase entries in shared_preload_libraries et al

  • Prevent table partitions from being turned into views


  • Fix memory leaks in in ICU encoding conversion

  • Fix import of system collations

  • Fix logical replication with replication identity full

  • Support tcp_keepalive_idle option on Solaris

  • Don’t require schema public to exist for pg_dump -c

  • Fix transition tables for partition/inheritance, writable CTEs and ON CONFLICT

  • Change pg_ctl -w to detect server-ready state by watching status in

  • Forbid gen_random_uuid() when built with –disable-strong-random

  • Allow libpq to use multiple hostaddrs to go with multiple hostnames

  • Fix COPY handling of transition tables with indexes

  • On Windows, retry process creation in case shared memory reservation fails



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PostgreSQL 10 Beta 2 发布,Bug 修复