DBeaver CE 4.1.1 发布,数据库管理工具

DBeaver CE 4.1.1 已发布,更新如下:

  • SQL editor layout configuration was added

  • Results viewer: search dialog now highlighs cells

  • Connection/database selector was fixed

  • Office data export was enhanced

  • Dark theme support was improved

  • BLOB/CLOB editor was fixed

  • Numeric values editor was improved

  • Data transfer wizard was improved (columns mapping)

  • Folder editor UI was fixed

  • SQL formatting was fixed

  • Tray icon support was enhanced (can be used for long data export/import operations)

  • Oracle: PL/SQL parser was improved

  • MySQL/MariaDB: extra keywords added to SQL dialect

  • Generic driver: data types were added in navigator tree

  • Multiple UI bugs were fixed


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DBeaver CE 4.1.1 发布,数据库管理工具