phoenix 1.3.0-rc.3 发布,Web 开发框架

phoenix 1.3.0-rc.3发布了,Phoenix 是函数式编程语言 Elixir 的 Web 开发框架。


  • Enhancements

  • [ChannelTest] Subscribe connect to to support testing forceful disconnects

  • [Socket] Support static :assigns when defining channel routes

  • [Channel] Add V2 of wire channel wire protocol with resolved race conditions and compacted payloads

  • [] Use new lib/my_app and lib/my_app_web directory structure

  • [] Use new MyAppWeb alias convention for web modules

  • [phx.gen.context] No longer prefix Ecto table name by context name

JavaScript client enhancements

  • Use V2 channel wire protocol support

JavaScript client bug fixes

  • Resolve race conditions when join timeouts occur on client, while server channel successfully joins



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phoenix 1.3.0-rc.3 发布,Web 开发框架