Micrometer 0.7.0 发布,指标监控工具

Micrometer 0.7.0 发布了。Micrometer 是一个监控指标的度量类库。


  • Support common tags on registries which are added to every metric reported to the monitoring system (useful for things like host, region, stack, etc.).

  • Fixed synchronization issue on deduping new metrics (#53) @Eloo.

  • PrometheusMeterRegistry now constructs a new instance of CollectorRegistry to support better test isolation (#54) @Eloo.

  • Prevent garbage collection of DataSourcePoolMetadata that caused DataSource gauges to eventually become invalid @Eloo.

  • Provide abstract Spectator implementation for push backends taking step counts and changed the Datadog registry to use this implementation @Camelion.


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Micrometer 0.7.0 发布,指标监控工具