Ionic 3.6.0 发布,HTML5 移动应用框架

Ionic 3.6.0 已发布,Ionic Framework 是一个高级的 HTML5 移动端应用框架,也是一个很漂亮的使用 HTML5 开发混合移动应用的前端框架。


Bug 修复:

  • list: remove margin of MD buttons in ion-item-options (#12263) (97f9522)

  • nav: make call to setPages return the promise so if it rejects it doesn't get lost (de0f9d5)

  • navigation: account for race conditions in developer's code (4596dbe)

  • navigation: fix bug where that occurred when tab identifier and segment had the exact same string (add0c4e)

  • navigation: fix null pointer exceptions that would occur when destroying a nav controller while its transitioning (584afd0)

  • navigation: reduce urls to minimum set of fields (a8ceee4)


  • generators: refactor generators (400aa54)



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Ionic 3.6.0 发布,HTML5 移动应用框架