Spring Security OAuth 2.2 正式发布

Spring Security OAuth 2.2.0 正式版已发布。Spring Security OAuth,Spring Security 的 OAuth 插件,同时提供了 OAuth 客户端(consumer)和服务器端(provider)的实现,支持 OAuth1(a) 和 OAuth2。


  • JwtClaimsSetVerifier that provides the capability of verifying the claim(s) contained in a JWT Claims Set.

  • IssuerClaimVerifier that verifies the Issuer (iss) claim contained in the JWT Claims Set.

  • DelegatingJwtClaimsSetVerifier that simply delegates claims verification to it’s internal list of JwtClaimsSetVerifier(s).

  • ProviderDiscoveryClient that is capable of discovering provider configuration information as defined by the OpenID Connect Discovery 1.0 specification.

  • JwkTokenStore now supports multiple JWK Set URL’s.

  • The ability to supply a custom AccessTokenConverter to JwkTokenStore.




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Spring Security OAuth 2.2 正式发布