Jackson 2.9.0 发布,高性能 JSON 处理

Jackson 2.9.0 已发布。Jackson 是一个 Java 用来处理 JSON 格式数据的类库。


  • #17: Add 'JsonGenerator.writeString(Reader r, int charLength)'

  • #57: Add support for non-blocking ("async") JSON parsing

  • #208: Make use of `_matchCount` in `FilteringParserDelegate`

  • #242: Add new write methods in `JsonGenerator` for writing type id containers

  • #304: Optimize `NumberOutput.outputLong()` method

  • #306: Add new method in `JsonStreamContext` to construct `JsonPointer`

  • #312: Add `JsonProcessingException.clearLocation()` to allow clearing possibly security-sensitive information

  • #314: Add a method in `JsonParser` to allow checking for "NaN" values

  • #323: Add `JsonParser.ALLOW_TRAILING_COMMA` to work for Arrays and Objects

  • #325: `DataInput` backed parser should handle `EOFException` at end of doc

  • #330: `FilteringParserDelegate` seems to miss last closing `END_OBJECT`

  • #340: Making `WriterBasedJsonGenerator` non-final

  • #356: Improve indication of "source reference" in `JsonLocation` wrt `byte[]`,`char[]`

  • #372: JsonParserSequence#skipChildren() throws exception when current delegate is TokenBuffer.Parser with "incomplete" JSON

  • #374: Minimal and DefaultPrettyPrinter with configurable separators


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Jackson 2.9.0 发布,高性能 JSON 处理