NixOS 17.09 发布,独立开发的 GNU/Linux 发行

NixOS 17.09 已发布,除了添加许多新的和已升级的软件包外,GNOME 已升级至 3.24,KDE Plasma 升级至 5.10, KDE Applications 升级至 17.08.1,KDE Frameworks 升级至 5.37。


  • The user handling now keeps track of deallocated UIDs/GIDs. When a user or group is revived, this allows it to be allocated the UID/GID it had before. A consequence is that UIDs and GIDs are no longer reused.

  • The module option services.xserver.xrandrHeads now causes the first head specified in this list to be set as the primary head. Apart from that, it's now possible to also set additional options by using an attribute set, for example:

     services.xserver.xrandrHeads = [
          output = "DVI-0";
          primary = true;
          monitorConfig = ''
            Option "Rotate" "right"

    This will set the DVI-0 output to be the primary head, even though HDMI-0 is the first head in the list.

  • The handling of SSL in the services.nginx module has been cleaned up, renaming the misnamed enableSSL to onlySSL which reflects its original intention. This is not to be used with the already existing forceSSL which creates a second non-SSL virtual host redirecting to the SSL virtual host. This by chance had worked earlier due to specific implementation details. In case you had specified both please remove the enableSSL option to keep the previous behaviour.

    Another addSSL option has been introduced to configure both a non-SSL virtual host and an SSL virtual host with the same configuration.

    Options to configure resolver options and upstream blocks have been introduced. See their information for further details.

    The port option has been replaced by a more generic listen option which makes it possible to specify multiple addresses, ports and SSL configs dependant on the new SSL handling mentioned above.


NixOS 是独立开发的 GNU/Linux 发行,它旨在改进系统配置管理的现状。在 NixOS 中,整个操作系统,包括内核、应用程序、系统软件包、配置文件,统统都由 Nix 包管理器来创建。Nix 将所有软件包以彼此分离的方式进行存储,因此就不存在 /bin、/sbin、/lib、/usr 之类的目录;相反,所有软件包都保存在 /nix/store 中。NixOS 的其他创新特色包括可靠升级、回滚、可重现的系统配置、二进制代码基于源文件的管理模型、多用户包管理。尽管 NixOS 是一份研究性项目,它是一份功能性的及可用的操作系统,能进行硬件检测,使用 KDE 作为缺省桌面,并采用 systemd 进行系统服务管理。


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NixOS 17.09 发布,独立开发的 GNU/Linux 发行