pgweb 0.9.9 发布,Go 语言开发的 PG 管理系统

pgweb 0.9.9 已发布,这是一个采用 Go 语言开发的基于 Web 的 PostgreSQL 管理系统,适用于 OSX、Linux 和 Windows 平台。


  • Automatically format JSON data exports

  • Update Docker image to alpine:3.6

  • Print out PostgreSQL server version on start in a single-session mode

  • Record last query timestamp for the client connection

  • Add context menu for table headers in browse mode (copy name, see unique values)

  • Add ability to export current database dump

  • Automatically open pgweb in browser on start if its already running

  • Connect to the database with credentials provided by a third-party backend

  • Automatically close idle sessions (no activity in 1 hour)

  • Allow connecting via SSH with a custom private key and other fixes

  • Add options to disable SSH connections


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pgweb 0.9.9 发布,Go 语言开发的 PG 管理系统