PyCharm 2017.3 EAP 4 发布,Python IDE

PyCharm 2017.3 EAP 4 发布了。PyCharm 是由 JetBrains 打造的一款 Python IDE 。主要更新内容如下:

  • When running a test from the context menu, it will now use the test runner you’ve configured for your project

  • For TypeScript: extract interface, and more refactorings and quick fixes [Pro only]

  • If you work with PostgreSQL date/time
    columns with timezone, you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve improved the
    handling of showing timezones. If you set the timezone for your session
    with SET TIMEZONE='europe/berlin'; this will now work correctly. [Pro only]

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PyCharm 2017.3 EAP 4 发布,Python IDE