Geary 0.12 发布,Linux 下的邮件客户端

Geary 0.12 发布,这是自 2011 年 5 月发布 Geary 0.11 之后的又一个主要版本。Geary 是一款很受欢迎的基于 Gnome 桌面的 Email 客户端程序。



  • Insert images inline when composing rich text messages

  • Improved interface for inserting links in rich text messages

  • Choose multiple spell-checker languages when composing messages

  • Support message archiving for Yahoo! Mail and

  • Improved interface when displaying conversations

  • Improved interface when moving and labelling conversations

  • Improved support for right-to-left languages

  • Automatically unfold starred messages in a conversation

  • Support saving remote inline images

  • Improved keyboard navigation for conversations

  • Added in-application keyboard shortcut help (Ctrl + ?)

  • Support for distribution via Flatpak

  • Improved security when displaying messages

  • Numerous bug fixes and minor user interface improvements

  • Numerous user interface translation updates


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Geary 0.12 发布,Linux 下的邮件客户端