pfsense 2.4.1 发布,防火墙和路由软件

pfSense 2.4.1 已发布,pfSense 是一个 FreeBSD 下的免费开源的防火墙和路由器软件。它使用的技术包括 Packet Filter,FreeBSD 6.x(或 DragonFly BSD,假如 ALTQ 和 CARP 完成了的话)的 ALTQ(以出色地支持分组队列),集成的包管理系统(以为其环境扩展新的特性)。


  • Fixes for the set of WPA2 Key Reinstallation Attack issues commonly known as KRACK

  • Fixed a VT console race condition panic at boot on VMware platforms (especially ESXi 6.5.0U1) #7925

  • Fixed a bsnmpd problem that causes it to use excess CPU and RAM with the hostres module in cases where drives support removable media but have no media inserted #6882

  • Fixed an upgrade problem due to FreeBSD 11 removing legacy ada aliases, which caused some older installs to fail when mounting root post-upgrade #7937

  • Changed the boot-time fsck process the ensure the disk is mounted read-only before running fsck in preen mode

  • Changed the VLAN interface names to use the ‘dotted’ format now utilized by FreeBSD, which is shorter and helps to keep the interface name smaller than the limit (16) This fixes the 4 digit VLAN issues when the NIC name is 6 bytes long. This change was made not only to fix the name length issue, but also to reduce the differences between how FreeBSD uses VLANs and how they are used by pfSense interface functions.

  • These VLAN changes may prevent PPP sessions from working on VLANs in some cases, see #7981

Fixed setting VLAN Priority in VLAN interface configuration #7748


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pfsense 2.4.1 发布,防火墙和路由软件