Tor 发布,实现匿名通信的自由软件

Tor 发布了。Tor 是 0.3.2 系列中的第三个版本。 它修复了 0.3.2.x 早期版本中的 bug,并添加了一个新的目录权限 Bastet。


  • Minor features (client, entry guards):

  • Improve log messages when missing descriptors for primary guards. Resolves ticket 23670.

Minor features (geoip):

  • Update geoip and geoip6 to the October 4 2017 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.

Minor bugfixes (bridge):

  • Overwrite the bridge address earlier in the process of
    retrieving its descriptor, to make sure we reach it on the configured
    address. Fixes bug 20532; bugfix on

Minor bugfixes (documentation):

  • Document better how to read gcov, and what our gcov postprocessing scripts do. Fixes bug 23739; bugfix on



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Tor 发布,实现匿名通信的自由软件