Infinispan 9.2.0.Alpha2 和 9.1.2.Final 发布

Infinispan 9.2.0.Alpha2 和 9.1.2.Final 已发布。Infinispan 是个开源的数据网格平台。它公开了一个简单的数据结构(一个Cache)来存储对象。虽然可以在本地模式下运行 Infinspan ,但其真正的价值在于分布式,在这种模式下,Infinispan 可以将集群缓存起来并公开大容量的堆内存。

9.2.0.Alpha2 包含以下新特性:

  • New Counters can be removed ISPN-8093

  • Interoperability between JSON and Protobuf, allowing to retrieve Protobuf content (written via Hot Rod) as JSON via Rest; also JSON documents written via Rest can be automatically converted to Protobuf and indexed. ISPN-7422

  • Wildcard cache configurations allowing for multiple caches from 1 config ISPN-8379

  • Reactive streams based iterator implementation providing better throughput and less resources usage ISPN-7865

  • An experimental evalAll like method on the LockedStream interface allowing for exclusive operation on entries and a return value ISPN-8310

9.1.2.Final and 9.2.0.Alpha 均包含以下内容:

  • Updates to third party JGroups, Hibernate and Hibernate Search

  • Off heap improvements and fixes for Query & Encoding

此外,还有很多 Bug 修复和代码清理,完整详细信息可以点击这里这里找到。



Infinispan 9.2.0.Alpha2 和 9.1.2.Final 发布