Apache Jena 3.5.0 发布,web 语义化框架

Apache Jena 3.5.0 发布了,Apache Jena 是用于构建 web 语义化和关联数据应用程序的 Java 框架。

这个版本主要围绕 TDB2 进行了更新:

与TDB1相比 :

  • No size limits on transactions : bulk uploads into a live Fuseki, can be 100's of millions of triples.

  • Models and Graphs can be passed across transactions

  • No queue of delayed updates, no transaction backlog problems.

  • "Writer pays" – readers don't, All work for update is done on the writer thread.

  • Datatypes of numerics preserved; xsd:doubles supported.



http : //jena.apache.org/download/


Apache Jena 3.5.0 发布,web 语义化框架