Marionette v3.5.0 发布,Backbone.js 组合框架

Marionette v3.2.0 发布了,Backbone.Marionette 是 Backbone.js 的一个组合应用库,简化了大规模 JavaScript 应用的开发。包含一组常用的设计模式。



  • NextCollectionView's filter event now returns the attaching and detached views.

  • unbindEvents and unbindRequests can now be called without handlers to remove all handlers from an entity.


  • If an event handler on a behavior was undefined it would remove any prior defined handler.

  • When a behavior is destroyed it will now undelegate the behavior events and triggers.

  • When a view was added a performance check on NextCollectionView would sometimes prevent existing views from sorting correctly.

  • NextCollectionView viewFilter will now be called with the same arguments with underscore or lodash.


  • Multiple handlers for a single event. If needed, use a single handler to call multiple methods.


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Marionette v3.5.0 发布,Backbone.js 组合框架