memcached 1.5.3 发布,Bug 修复和新特性添加

memcached 1.5.3 已发布,本次更新主要是 bug 修复,此外,还添加了一个新特性。

  • Bug 修复

  • 从 binprot 添加"GAT"命令到 asciiprot。



  • Add warning about time on very low TTL's in doc/protocol.txt

  • pledge privdropping support for OpenBSD

  • make for loop more clear in logger watcher

  • fix theoretical leak in process_bin_stat

  • fix use of unitialized array in lru_maintainer

  • -o no_hashexpand to disable hash table expansion

  • fix chunked items set in binprot, read from ascii


  • adds get and touch command for ascii protocol

"gat [exptime] key [key…]rn" will fetch the item and refresh its expiration time. This is great for keys you'd normally either manually delete, or set to 0 TTL. Items rarely hit will expire, leaving more room for others.

This command has existed in the binary protocol for a long time, but now there's party for ascii users.



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memcached 1.5.3 发布,Bug 修复和新特性添加