Glide 4.3.1 发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库

Glide 4.3.1 发布了。Glide 是一个 Android 上的图片加载和缓存库,其目的是实现平滑的图片列表滚动效果。


  • Fix ghosting in animated GIFs with certain combinations of disposal settings and frames (c3d0530, #2521)

  • Fix a Bitmap re-use bug causing graphical errors, load failures and/or crashes when loading Drawables with a transformation applied that didn't actually change the image for the requested width and height.

  • Fix a race condition causing animated Drawables not to be started when loaded into Views from Glide's memory cache (aa2711b, #2541)


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Glide 4.3.1 发布,Android 图片加载和缓存库