RabbitMQ 3.6.13 发布,常规维护版本

RabbitMQ 3.6.13 已正式发布,是一个常规维护版本。此版本与 3.6.7 到 3.6.12 版本没有其他已知的不兼容性。

另外,官方已公布 3.6.x 系列的支持时间表,详情点此查看


Core Server

Bug Fixes

  • Memory usage monitor uses subprocesses a lot more sparingly. They are started
    roughly once a second or not started at all, depending on the strategy (e.g. on Windows
    Erlang VM allocator information is used instead).

    GitHub issues: rabbitmq-server#1343, rabbitmq-common#224

  • Very busy queues are now more efficient at prioritizing consumers, avoiding
    consumer delivery blocking when relatively long running operations (e.g. bulk flushing
    of transient messages to disk) happen.

    GitHub issues: rabbitmq-server#1388, rabbitmq-server#1407

  • Queue master strategies now take additional queue HA arguments into account.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1371



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RabbitMQ 3.6.13 发布,常规维护版本