Review Board 3.0 RC 1 发布,在线代码审查工具

Review Board 3.0 RC 1 Release 发布,此版本包含 Review Board 2.5.16 版中的所有错误修复和功能。



  • Support for Slack, Travis-CI, and CircleCI integrations are now enabled by default.

    In previous betas, the Integration extension providing this support had to be enabled manually. Now, on any new upgrades to 3.0, the extension will be automatically enabled.

    If you’ve been using the 3.0 betas, you will still need to manually enable the extension.

  • Added server-side enforcement of issue verification.

    The new issue verification feature, introduced in 3.0 beta 2, temporarily was enforced only client-side. We’ve now added server-side support to ensure that users can’t get around verification.

  • Added issue verification information to the Review Request Infobox and Dashboard columns.


  • Improved high-DPI support throughout the UI

  • Added smarter collapsing of reviews and other entries on the review request page.



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Review Board 3.0 RC 1 发布,在线代码审查工具