MongooseJS 4.13.1 发布,MongoDB 连接包

MongooseJS 4.13.1 发布了,MongooseJS 是使用 JavaScript 编程,连接 MongoDB 数据库的软件包,使 MongoDB 的文档数据模型变的优雅起来,方便对 MongoDB 文档型数据库的连接和增删改查等常规数据操作。


  • fix: accept multiple paths or array of paths to depopulate #5798 #5797 adamreisnz

  • fix(document): pass default array as actual array rather than taking first element #5780

  • fix(model): increment version when $set-ing it in a save() that requires a version bump #5779

  • fix(query): don't explicitly project in discriminator key if user projected in parent path #5775 #5754

  • fix(model): cast query option to geoNear() #5765

  • fix(query): don't treat projection with just $slice as inclusive #5737

  • fix(discriminator): defer applying embedded discriminator hooks until top-level model is compiled #5706

  • docs(discriminator): add warning to always attach hooks before calling discriminator() #5706


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MongooseJS 4.13.1 发布,MongoDB 连接包