KDevelop 5.2 发布,改进对多种编程语言的支持

在 KDevelop 5.1 发布大半年后,KDevelop 5.2 正式发布了。KDevelop 是 KDE 的集成开发环境(IDE)。

以下是 5.2 的亮点摘要,你也可以在之前的测试版发布公告中发现一些其他信息:


在 5.1 中,KDevelop 新增了一个 Analyzer 菜单 ,里面包含一系列与分析器类似的插件。5.2 版本将更多的分析器插件合并到 kdevelop.git 中,可供使用。



cppcheck 是一个非常流行的 C/C++代码缺陷静态检查工具,现在也可以默认运行,显示内联问题。


改进对 C++ 语言的支持


  • Properly pass on some categories of compiler flags from the build system to the analyzer, fixing e. g. parse errors in some Qt header files which cannot be parsed if a certain compiler configuration is not respected

  • Improve performance of C++ code completion in some situations

  • Restore some completion features from 4.x, such as automatic insertion of semicolons in some cases

改进对 PHP 语言的支持

包括对新语言特性的支持,类型系统处理以及 bug 修复,主要包括:

  • Add callable type to PHP.

  • Process member properties/calls for unsure types.

  • Fix uses of class in closure parameters and default values for functions.

  • Allow non-scalar constants.

  • Add spaceship and null coalesce operators.

  • Support more cases of function argument unpacking.

  • Support for variadic functions in documentation popup.

  • Implement syntax support for function argument unpacking.

  • Add support for variadic functions.

  • Support of Class::expr() syntax from Php 5.4.

  • Support for $this as an array when implementing ArrayAccess.

  • Php7 IIFE syntax parsing.


改进对 Python 语言的支持


  • Fixed a false-positive warning when a name used in a closure was defined later in the file.

  • Fixed highlighting of local variables in comprehensions and of parameters in lambda definitions.

  • Infer the correct type when slicing a tuple with constant integers.

  • Infer the correct type from `and` or `or` expressions (Nicolás Alvarez).

  • Internal code cleanups.

此外,KDevelop 还针对 Windows 版本进行了持续优化。包括将 Qt 版本升级到 5.9.1, KF5 升级到 5.37,LLVM / Clang 升级到 5.0.0 ,还将 QtWebEngine 取代 QtWebKit 作为默认的文档浏览器。




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KDevelop 5.2 发布,改进对多种编程语言的支持