Openfire 4.2.0 Beta 发布,具有更好的健壮性

Openfire 4.2.0 Beta 已发布,可从这里进行下载,更新日志显示该版本已解决了 60 个 JIRA 上的问题。

Openfire 4.2 值得关注的变化:

  • XEP-0237 Roster Versioning

  • Server to Server (s2s) is more robust

  • The websocket functionality, previously in a plugin, was merged into core

  • The Admin Console now has a Pub-Sub administration interface

  • You can now manually test a Server to Server connection on the Admin Console

  • XEP-0198 Client Resumption is now available

  • A lot of polish and new handy functionality was added to the Admin Console

  • Openfire plugin loading is much more robust


Openfire 是开源的、基于可拓展通讯和表示协议(XMPP)、采用 Java 编程语言开发的即时消息传输平台。Openfire 的安装和使用都非常简单,并利用 Web 进行管理。单台服务器可支持上万并发用户。

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Openfire 4.2.0 Beta 发布,具有更好的健壮性