Kubernetes v1.8.4 发布,容器集群管理系统

Kubernetes v1.8.4 已发布,自 1.8.3 以来的变更:

  • Cluster Autoscaler 1.0.3 (#55947, @aleksandra-malinowska)

  • Add PodSecurityPolicies for cluster addons

  • Remove SSL cert HostPath volumes from heapster addons

Fix session affinity issue with external load balancer traffic when ExternalTrafficPolicy=Local. (#55519, @MrHohn)

Addon manager supports HA masters. (#55782, @x13n)

ScaleIO persistent volumes now support referencing a secret in a namespace other than the bound persistent volume claim's namespace; this is controlled during provisioning with the secretNamespace storage class parameter; StoragePool and ProtectionDomain attributes no longer defaults to the value default (#54013, @vladimirvivien)

Allow HPA to read custom metrics. (#54854, @kawych)

Add masquerading rules by default to GCE/GKE (#55178, @dnardo)

kubeadm now produces error during preflight checks if swap is enabled. Users, who can setup kubelet to run in unsupported environment with enabled swap, will be able to skip that preflight check. (#55399, @kad)

GCE: provide an option to disable docker's live-restore on COS/ubuntu (#55260, @yujuhong)

Fix hyperkube kubelet –experimental-dockershim (#55250, @ivan4th)

ScaleIO driver completely removes dependency on drv_cfg binary so a Kubernetes cluster can easily run a containerized kubelet. (#54956, @vladimirvivien)



此外,v1.10.0-alpha.0v1.9.0-beta.0 也已发布,暂未发现更新内容。

Kubernetes 1.8 被定位为稳定版本,社区主要投入在稳固已有的功能上。稳定性提升主要集中在几个方向。应用负载相关功能已经迁移到 apps/v1beta2,意味着功能已经基本趋于稳定,很有可能会直接成为 v1 版本。安全相关的核心功能 RBAC 升级至 v1,并且高级审计功能升级至 beta,日趋成熟。节点层面在 1.8 中持续集中在提高底层稳定性,尽管同时有部分新功能推出。

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Kubernetes v1.8.4 发布,容器集群管理系统