MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1.2 GA

MariaDB ColumnStore是在MariaDB
10.1基础上移植了 InfiniDB 4.6.2 构建的大规模并行,高性能,压缩,分布式开源列式存储引擎,类似收费产品Infobright。它设计用于大数据离线分析,用来抗衡Hadoop。你可以使用标准SQL语句进行查询,支持目前流行的sqlyog/navicat客户端工具连接,对业务方使用没有任何的不便,并且你不需要创建任何索引,不需要修改业务方的复杂SQL(自身就支持复杂的关联查询、聚合、存储过程和用户定义的函数),你唯一要做的就是把数据导入到ColumnStore里,就没你事了。这对一家没有Hadoop工程师的公司来说,MariaDB

Notable changes

  • Beta release of the Streaming Data Adapters: Out of box adapters for data
    integration between various data sources for specific use cases

  • MaxScale CDC Data Adapter is integration of the MaxScale CDC streams into MariaDB ColumnStore

  • Kafka Data Adapter is integration of the Kafka streams into MariaDB ColumnStore.

Bugs and issues fixed

  • MCOL-963 – self join cte queries from tpcds alternately fail with parsing error and succeed but with incorrect results

  • MCOL-976 – System in DBRM_READ_ONLY mode after Non-parent PM recovery under DataRedundancy

  • MCOL-989 – The addmodule command reported an invalid password error if cluster on the new module is not running

  • MCOL-997 – postConfigure on a DataRed setup should exiting when system install prompt is answered 'n'

  • MCOL-998 – MySQL replication is not replicating after installation

  • MCOL-1008 – LDI and INSERT…SELECT causes mysqld to crash with long VARCHAR entries

  • MCOL-1009 – MCS Replication setup failure – mysqld failed to restart

  • MCOL-1010 – Debian 9 package: postConfigure failed to create /etc/rc.d/rc.local file

  • MCOL-1014 – Replication setup failed when using ssh key and schema sync enabled

  • MCOL-1016 – information_schema.columnstore_extents data_size calculation incorrect

  • MCOL-1020 – On ovh data center servers, postConfigure crashed on upgrade

  • MCOL-1021 – Dictionary deduplication cache is not working correctly

  • MCOL-1024 – postConfigure reported system catalog creation error but database continue to work

此外还包含了很多其他 bug 修复。

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MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1.2 GA