Kubernetes 1.7.11 和 1.7.12-beta.0,容器集群管理系统

Kubernetes 1.7.11 和 1.7.12-beta.0 发布。

自 1.7.10 以来的主要更新内容如下:

  • Bugfix: master startup script on GCP no longer fails randomly due to concurrent iptables invocations. (#55945, @x13n)

  • Fix bug in mounting volumes with GlusterFS plugin (#53292, @humblec)

  • Add /bin/tee symlink to bazel build for busybox, so that CI builds have /bin/tee (#55417, @justinsb)

  • Reduce log noise produced by prometheus-to-sd, by bumping it to version 0.2.2. (#54635, @loburm)

  • Fix session affinity issue with external load balancer traffic when ExternalTrafficPolicy=Local. (#55519, @MrHohn)

  • Add masquerading rules by default to GCE/GKE (#55178, @dnardo)

  • Azure cloudprovider: Fix controller manager crash issue on a manually created k8s cluster. (#53694, @andyzhangx)

  • Fix a bug where soft eviction would not trigger when the threshold was crossed (#52046, @dashpole)

  • Addon manager supports HA masters. (#55782, @x13n)

  • Fixed 'Schedulercache is corrupted' error in kube-scheduler (#55262, @liggitt)

  • Fix hyperkube kubelet –experimental-dockershim (#55335, @ivan4th)

  • fix azure pv crash due to volumeSource.ReadOnly value nil (#54607, @andyzhangx)

  • GCE: provide an option to disable docker's live-restore on COS/ubuntu (#55260, @yujuhong)

  • Fix overlay2 container disk metrics for Docker (#54958, @dashpole)




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Kubernetes 1.7.11 和 1.7.12-beta.0,容器集群管理系统