PyCharm 2017.3 发布,Python IDE


PyCharm 2017.3 发布了。PyCharm 是由 JetBrains 打造的一款 Python IDE。PyCharm 具备用于一般 IDE 的功能,比如, 调试、语法高亮、Project管理、代码跳转、智能提示、自动完成、单元测试、版本控制。


  • PyCharm 2017.3 带来大量性能提升: Python 索引速度是原来的两倍, JavaScript indexing is up to 40% faster, configuring SSH interpreters is much faster (in some cases over 100x), and more!

  • 使创建和选择 Python 解释器更容易。 For example, PyCharm 2017.3 will remember if you prefer to put
    your virtualenv in your project folder, or in a separate folder (like
    your WORKON_HOME folder).

  • 新科学模型, which puts all the tools you
    need for data science at your fingertips (Scientific mode is only
    available in PyCharm Professional Edition)

  • 为构建(REST)API的人建立了全新的HTTP客户端。You can now write a request in a .http file, and
    then run it straight from the editor (Web development features are only
    available in PyCharm Professional Edition)

  • Django 2.0 即将发布, and we’re happy to
    announce that PyCharm 2017.3 fully supports the new version (Django
    support is only available in PyCharm Professional Edition)

  • PyCharm 2017.3 支持运行 Python 模块 (python -m <module name>)

  • 增加对 SSH config 文件的支持: if you’re
    using a complex setup with jump hosts, you can now connect to your
    machines effortlessly using the same config that you use on the command
    line (SSH is only supported in PyCharm Professional Edition)



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PyCharm 2017.3 发布,Python IDE