ArangoDB 3.2.9 和 3.3 rc6 发布,多模型数据库

ArangoDB 3.2.9 和 3.3 rc6 发布了。ArangoDB 是一个开源的分布式原生多模型数据库 (Apache 2 license)。


  • UI: the graph viewer now displays updated label values correctly. Additionally the included node/edge editor now closes automatically after a successful node/edge update.

  • UI: document/edge editor now remembering their modes (e.g. code or tree)

  • UI: optimized error messages for invalid graph definitions. Also fixed a graph renderer cleanrenderer cleanup error.

  • UI: added a delay within the graph viewer while changing the colors of the graph. Necessary due different browser behaviour.

  • added options `–encryption.keyfile` and `–encryption.key-generator` to arangodump and arangorestore

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3.3 rc6

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ArangoDB 3.2.9 和 3.3 rc6 发布,多模型数据库