HttpComponents 4.5.4 发布,Java 的 HTTP 协议库

HttpComponents Client 4.5.4 已发布。修复了一些发现自 4.5.3 的问题。


  • [HTTPCLIENT-1883] SystemDefaultCredentialsProvider to use https.proxy* system properties for origins with port 443.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1881] Allow truncated NTLM packets to work with this client.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1855] Disabled caching of DIGEST auth scheme instances due to unreliability of nonce counter when the auth cache is shared by multiple sessions.

  • BasicCookieStore uses a ReentrantReadWriteLock to avoid synchronization on #getCookies/#toString while maintaining thread safety.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1865] DefaultServiceUnavailableRetryStrategy does not respect HttpEntity#isRepeatable.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1859] Encode Content-Disposition name and filename elements appropriately.

  • Avoid fetching the cached entity twice on cache hit.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1835] #evictExpiredConnections no longer causes the #evictIdleConnections behaviour to be implicitly enabled.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1831= URIBuilder should not prepend a leading slash to relative URIs.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1833] Fix Windows Negotiate-NTLM handling of proxies.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1817] Add a "Trust All" TrustStrategy implementation.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1816] Update Apache Commons Codec 1.9 to 1.10.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1836] DefaultHostnameVerifier#getSubjectAltNames(X509Certificate) throws java.lang.ClassCastException.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1845]: Extract InputStreamFactory classes out of GzipDecompressingEntity and DeflateDecompressingEntity for reuse and to create less garbage.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1847] Update Ehcache from 2.6.9 to 2.6.11.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1848] Update spymemcached from 2.11.4 to 2.12.3.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1849] Update JNA from 4.1.0 to 4.4.0.

  • [HTTPCLIENT-1850] Update SLF4J from 1.7.6 to 1.7.25.


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HttpComponents 4.5.4 发布,Java 的 HTTP 协议库